Zen cowgirl Megan Winkler, MA, CNSF Fellow, is a journalist, author, and media strategist, whose works have been published on elephant journal, The Alternative Daily, Earth911, and other sites. Her books include nonfiction and fiction works, and she has worked with a number of renowned experts in the fields of user experience design, current events, and nutrition. She has a master’s degree in military history from American Military University and a never-ending thirst for knowledge and good audiobooks.

Through her blend of coaching modalities that include Neurosculpting® meditation, communication mentorship, Happiness Coaching, writing exercises, and nutritional support, Megan works with a variety of groups, from single ladies to kids, teens to healthcare providers and more! As a meditation instructor, Megan provides a safe, comfortable environment in which students of all ages—eight to 108—can unlock their innate ability to experience change and healing in their lives. She currently serves as the Neurosculpting® Institute’s Editorial Coordinator and Youth Program Co-Developer. She also holds certifications in Nutritional Therapy and Happiness Life Coaching.

She operates her private Neurosculpting® practice through her company, The Brainy Babe. www.thebrainybabe.com.

Her publishing company, Brainy Babe Micro Pub, specializes in internet and print articles, book publishing, book coaching, marketing materials, and more.Email: megan@thebrainybabe.com

She loves hearing from readers! Drop her a line at megan [at] thebrainybabe [dot] com