1938 Dating Advice



I don’t know…

I think if I were to adjust my garter belt and stockings in front of my boyfriend, we’d be postponing dinner (if we made it there at all).

I mean, look at that dude’s face. He doesn’t look disgusted, annoyed, or otherwise disappointed.

I don’t think he’s worried about the loss of her allure. I think he’s thinking about something altogether different.

Like hauling her off to her boudoir and helping her, ahem, adjust her underthings.

Gotta love 1938 dating advice!


What’s some of the wackiest dating advice you’ve ever read or received?


Submission: Full Circle Is Not Always Good

A while back I had an old friend from HS and the crazy years after pop up. He and I and the “serious” girlfriend of the era had dinner. things quickly turned to old days story telling.

Daniel decided he needed to tell a particularly salacious story involving 3 young ladies a state cop and an apple tree. I made the international gesture of DO-not-tell-this-story!

The GF of the moment sees the gesture and proceeds to spend the evening hounding me for the story. at around 2 am I relent and tell the sorted tale, all the way down to spilling the bong on the cops shoes.

Said GF instead of laughing and thrilling at said adventure, is angry. WE never did crazy things like that, it sounds like so much fun! no depiction of how 4 hours explaining how it was not MY bong and I didn’t know that she was 17 are not fun. although it was a really good story I never wanted to do that again.

Dating lesson number 13. never tell your ‘best’ adventure story with a prior GF to the new  GF. it never, ever goes well

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